Kohtaaminen akvaarion edessä

Volunteer work

Volunteering is organized on the behalf of Jyränkölä Settlement. It aims to grant a chance in improving the quality of life, experiencing more social interaction within civic circles, all the while increasing tolerance and communal activity.

Currently more than 100 people work as volunteers in Heinola area. One of the most visible branches of volunteering is the food distribution for the disadvantaged, the Kämmen-program. Initiated in 1993 by Mirjam Iiskola, who still works alongside volunteers, the program looks out to ensure some relief to the less fortunate and organizes these events weekly in Heinola.

Much of the volunteer work is organized through three establishments (Tuttavantupa, Mustikkatupa and Tommolantupa) operating as meeting places. Besides acting as venues for events and activities, they suit for everyday socializing, a cup of coffee and a check on the day's paper.
Tuttis, Kaivokatu 16, +358 44 797 2429
Open Mon - Fri 9.00-13.00

Mustikkatupa, Marjatie 14 A, +358 44 797 2427
Open Mon - Fri 10.00-14.00

For more information:
Director of Volunteer Work Teija Naakka, +358 50 405 5960, teija.naakka [at]