Employment services

 works in cooperation with public employment and business services in Heinola (TE Services) and has several employment projects with different target groups.

One of them is VirtaaTyöstä (2014-2016), which is a project designed as a gateway to employment markets by familiarizing people with possible jobs through trial periods. In addition, Jyränkölä Settlement offers positions for trainees and arranges field trips to local companies that may offer employment. The participants have a chance to explore different fields like sanitation, real estate, nursing and customer service.

For more information on possible employment options, please contact Jyränkölä's project workers:
  • Project Manager Kati Hämäläinen, +358 50 324 8328, kati.hamalainen [at]
  • Project Director Sari Virtanen, +358 44 797 2453, sari.virtanen [at]
  • Project Director Teemu Rantala, +358 44 797 2466, teemu.rantala [at]